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Polly Ann the Pug, the Dog of the Day
Name: Polly Ann
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pug
Home: Ashton, Illinois, USA
   She is very special to us because she is a very loving dog. She really hates to see us leave but when we return she always gives us kisses! She loves everyone including other dogs! She loves to take baths and chew on her rawhides. She rolls around on her back playing with her toys. She loves her picture taken at anytime. She has to sit on my lap anytime I am sitting down and if I don't make room for her, she sits down by my feet looking up at me with her sad eyes and barks at me. She loves to go for car rides hanging out the window. She loves to sleep with my daughter and has to be covered up and lays her head on her pillow.

     This pug is the greatest! She loves everyone! She is a true friend for life! She loves to chew on her rawhide bones and snuggle up to ya! She is such a lover! She loves to snack on veggies like carrots! She also loves to eat sliced up apples! She is a petite little pug! She weighs around 17 pounds. At night she has to snuggle up against ya and be under the covers right up against your chest. She is a true lover! She also loves to play with other Pugs but gets very jealous!

     She has brought our family many smiles and a lot of love. We love her dearly. She is a very lovable dog and is truly amazing!

Polly Ann the Pug, the Dog of the Day

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