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Cassie the Hungarian Vizsla, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cassie
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
Home: Lakewood, Colorado, USA
   My dog Cassie has been my best friend for six years, at this point I can honestly not imagine life without her, but I can say, it would be miserable. My dog Cassie was a rescue she was found on the streets by a local citizen and brought to an animal shelter. Her foster name was Camara (Kuh-Marrr-Uhh) when we arrived at the shelter, four other families wanted her. We put our names in to get her, we were so lucky that we did get her, it was destiny.

     Cassie knows many tricks, such as, Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Play Dead, Shake, Fetch, Balancing things on her nose, and more. She loves to play with her tennis balls, and frisbee. She once broke her leg playing ball, but that did not stop her, once she got healed up, she was faster then ever. Out at my family farm, her favorite activity seems to be chasing the barn cats around. Cassie has Brown eyes and an adorable white birthmark on her chest. er favorite color is red, her favorite food is steak and chicken, her favorite activity is running, and she is married to my best friends dog, who is an Australian Shepherd. Their love is special and one of a kind - just like Cassie. Cassie is also very good at expressing her emotions and has about 30 different facial expressions, all of them cute. My dog is special and I love her more than anything in the worl

Cassie the Hungarian Vizsla, the Dog of the Day Cassie the Hungarian Vizsla, the Dog of the Day

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