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Tilly the American Eskimo Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tilly
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female Breed: American Eskimo Dog
Home: Minnesota, USA
   This is Tilly, she is an American Eskimo dog, the breed is nicknamed an "Eskie." She lives in Minnesota with her brother Smokey, who is a black golden retriever.

     She is an outdoor dog, by choice however. The other dog, Smokey, likes to be inside but whenever we let Tilly in the house she sits at the door ready to go outside again. She is very friendly, whenever we get home after being gone ever for just a little while she will come charging at you and jump up to you as a greeting. She knows how to sit, stay, shake hands and she can dance on her hind legs. He favorite game is probably to catch the imaginary squirrel that she thinks lives under the deck, other than that she loves to take Smokey's toys and play with them to bug him.

     She is somewhat independent because that is the way she was raised before we got her. She used to live with my aunt and uncle up north in Minnesota, but they decided to give her up to us since they never got to spend time with her. She has lived at our house for about twelve years now and quickly adjusted from having no one play with, to having a family of five, with another dog, two cats and two horses yet she doesn't mind any of the other animals. One of the cats is afraid of the dogs, but the other one loves to play with Tilly and they are always around each other when Tilly is in the house. She also gets along with the horses just fine and is always very comfortable around them. She is such a loving dog to her family and to strangers who come to visit, but if you are coming up the driveway and she doesn't recognize you, she will bark like crazy. Tilly is one of the greatest dogs that we have ever owned and I'm so glad that she gets to be ours.

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