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Rosie the Schnauzer, Poodle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rosie
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Schnauzer, Poodle mix
Home: Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
   Rosie is a rescued Schnoodle now lives happily in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rosie is the sweetest girl! She can play ball for hours on end and always wants to give hugs. Rosie was rescued from a high-kill shelter and still has a lot of anxiety (hence the messy shave!). She now has a big backyard all to herself and you can see the smile in her face!

     She was our first dog. When we went to meet the group of rescues that just arrived from the pound, she was the one that came right over to us, the others weren't so interested. If you get down to her level and say "Hugs!", she runs up and puts her paws on your shoulder and snuggles in. She loves to be held so she can just feel taller!

     Rosie is nervous around female strangers and we assume that is because of her time spent at the shelter, but her family are her favorite people in the world. She NEVER gets tired of playing fetch with her favorite tennis ball. Due to her anxiety, she paces a lot and is always alert of what's going on around the house. She's all muscle and pretty skinny, so the lucky girl has been having mashed potatoes mixed in with her kibble! She's happy snuggling all day, or simply watching out the window. Happy go lucky all around!

Rosie the Schnauzer, Poodle mix, the Dog of the Day

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