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Honey the Yellow Labrador mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Honey
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: Yellow Labrador mix
Home: Australia
   Honey's story starts when we were in a pet shop. We had just arrived in the pet shop, and naturally i always go to see the puppies they have for adoption. That's when i found her - white fur and as cute as a button. She was the smallest puppy that I came to visit all the time, even if we didn't need pet supplies. We'd just lost a dog at the time and it was hurtful to come home to an empty house. So we went to my cousins' house and scanned the paper for a puppy. We found one, but it was too far to travel. So my mum, aunt, cousins and I drove to the pet shop where i was given the option to choose the white puppy or wait.

     We left the store with a white bundle named Honey. She was taken to my cousins' place and started to play with their cat Max, it was so funny. Honey has grown into a beautiful adult with a passion for food - she'll beg for food if you hold it above her. She has a haltie because she was never fully trained. I love Honey because she's such a ball of joy and laughter, she jumps on the couch & watches T.V. and loves water. At the beach she jumps into the waves. Her favorite toy is a ball of thick plastic with water and two light ducks bobbing in it. She loves anything you're eating, whether it's toast or a bowl of vanilla ice-cream she has to have some. We love her!

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