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Saige the Irish Wolfhound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Saige
Age: Nine weeks old
Gender: Female Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Home: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada
   Here is my Irish wolfhound puppy, Saige. She lives in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada.

     Hi, my name is Saige and I am nine weeks old and already weigh 35 pounds. When I came to my new home I surprised everyone with my laid-back temperment. I went to the bathroom outside right from the get go, and only had one accident, but that was my mum's fault. Can you believe what a good girl I am not to need house training so soon? Also, my first week home, I was the only one to get any sleep because my mum and dad waited up all night for me to wimper and cry. Not me though, I sleep the whole night through and you never hear a peep from me! I really got a good one on my parents that time! I like to pop the tops off of flowers, and that is what i am doing in this picture, then my mom has to take the flower out of my mouth. I also stare at myself in the mirror a lot. I just can't help it, I am so cute. I am a little bit clumsy though. My feet are like big snow shoes and I run like a horse. sometimes I take a tumble. Other times i jump straight up into the air and run sideways like a crab. You would laugh so hard if you could see my floppy ears going! I have a white heart on my chest. Can you see it? It is because I love you so much.

     Love and pawshakes, Saige

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