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Little Bit the Beagle/German Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Little Bit
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Beagle/German Shepherd mix
Home: Southern California, USA
   Little Bit was a stray in Washington state at four months of age and had secondary glaucoma in one eye. As cute as she was at the pound, no one wanted to adopt her because of her enlarged eye. They were going to put her to sleep because they didn't think anyone would want her. but we didn't care! We fell in love with her enthusiasm and happy smile as she licked the cage, begging for us to take her home!

     After the doctor removed her eye, she turned into the happiest dog in the world. She has adjusted well except for an occasional sideswipe at the dog park. She loves her big brother, a Rhodesian mix named Chamai, and likes to chew on his feet. He tells her who's boss when necessary but knows she's just a puppy. Her best trick is the "Sneak Attack" where she lies on the ground, swishing her tail like a cat and pounces on unsuspecting dogs! She loves everyone unconditionally but is also very protective of her family. We love her spunky attitude and her joy at being alive!

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