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Elmo the German Spitz, the Dog of the Day
Name: Elmo
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male Breed: German Spitz
Home: Lower Saxony, Germany
   Hi, this is Elmo. He is a very clever and crazy dog. He is a young dog, almost eight months old, and he loves to play the whole of the day.In England, I think, his breed is called a Keeshond. In German we say "Wolfsspitz."

     He lives at my grandma's house. We visit him as often as we can. Every time he sees us, he's very excited and happy. He likes to play with his cuddly lion and he takes everything in his mouth that he wants. Elmo is very curious and attentive. He listens to orders, but only if he wants. He barks if he sees himself in the mirror and always when it rings at the door. He's a good watchdog. But sometimes he's also anxious about squeaky toys. If he made a mistake, he notices it really fast and than he's ashamed about it. Sometimes, when we're playing with him, he snaps at our fingers, but it isn't really terrible, because it pinches only a moment.

     Elmo has got beautiful fur and above all a lot of it. He's a very fantastic and wonderful pet. And I love him very much.

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