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Murphy the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Murphy
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male Breed: Basset Hound
Home: Park City, Utah, USA
   Murphy is an amazing individual. When we went to pick him up in May he was the puppy that came right up and wanted to visit. He's always been a people person. He loves to be held and snuggled with and wants to be in the same room with you. He tries to be affectionate with our cat but Hootie doesn't like him.

     Murphy just finished puppy kindergarten and is a very fast learner. He will go on for more obedience training and in the spring will be tested to be a therapy dog. We live in the mountains and go on hikes every day. He loves to run on the trails in the woods but loves going off trail even more.

     He saw snow for the first time yesterday and loved it I'm happy to say. The cold air made him run faster then ever. After hikes we always have some snuggle time on the couch. We may try agility classes next year when his bones are developed enough for the jumping. He was so good for the Halloween "photo shoot." He is very laid back about everything and doesn't waste energy he could be using hiking in the mountains.

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