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Precious the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day
Name: Precious
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pomeranian
Home: New-Brunswick, Canada
   I got my pet for New Year's last year she was really tiny, we could fit her in one hand and she was always with me. The first day that she got home my aunt had came to see her and she had two big bottles of pop in a bag,she was caring them all around she was smaller the only one bottle, so I knew right away that even if she was small she was going to be a tough little dog. Now we got a cat and she plays with her all the time, she even drags her by the scruff, because my cat grabs her paws. They get along really well. She really likes snow, she even will try to catch snow when we throw it in the air.

     When she gets sleepy at night she comes to see me in my room and she bugs me to put my hand on top of her head so she can pull her self up, then she puts her head right beside mine on my pillow and stays there until I get up next morning. When I'm eating she gets up on two feet and she walks around and then she comes and poke me with her two front paws so I know that she is there, and that I can give her food.We also love to dress her up in all kinds of clothing, she just stay there because she likes to take picture and she knows that if she gets dressed we will take a picture. She is one really smart dog and I love her very much.

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