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Tucker the Dachshund, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tucker
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female Breed: Dachshund
Home: Saugus, Massachusetts, USA
   This is our Dachshund puppy "All Tuckered Out," called Tucker or even Tuck for short. She is four months old. She has unique markings for a Dachshund, we have never seen one like her. It's like she couldn't decide whether to be a classic chocolate and tan, or a merle!

     Recently, we believe Tucker has spent to much time with our chickens. She has started to take "eggs" (really they are potatoes, thank goodness) to bed to sleep with and on. She is truly a joy to most of the family - with the exception of our two large Labrador Retrievers. They can't understand why something so small picks on them so much. But they are classic Labs, and gentle, so no harm comes, no matter how annoying she gets! We love her.

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