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Oreo the German Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Oreo
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: German Shepherd mix
Home: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
   What makes Oreo special is her personality and loyalty. We got Oreo about a year before we had to put our shepherd Precious to sleep. That was a hard time. But with Oreo around it was a little bit easier. Oreo has developed a great personality. Whenever you ask her a question, she will always reply, either with a bark or a howl. She is a very vocal girl.

     One year, when she was big enough to hop over our fence we have around our pool, she went right in. She swam around barking. She got out and ran around our pool, like "hey look at me!". She then went in and sat on the steps of the pool. Now every year it is funny to watch her swim. We believe that she thinks it is her personal swimming pool. We are very special to have a dog like Oreo. We love her dearly.

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