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Mufasa the Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mufasa
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Terrier mix
Home: Fort Myers, Florida, USA
      This is Mufasa. He has the heart of a lion, but also a little mane around his head. He is a 2 year old rescue. I was told he was found wandering with a herd of goats. I think he looks like a chihuahua – german shepherd mix. But he has a definite terrier type personality. He is a lot of fun, loves to play tug toy and fetch the ball. He adores people, is smart and likes to cuddle. When he is fully trained, I hope to take him to Hospices, schools – wherever there is a need for a little cheer.

     He is my third rescue but the first time I adopted a puppy. He was about eight months old when I got him. When I met him he climbed into my lap and washed my face. So It was really love at first sight.

     His favorite game is FIND IT. I make him stay in the kitchen while I hide treats all around the house. Under tables, on window ledges, tucked into corners. Then I say "Mufasa, find it!" and he races around the house sniffing out the hiding places.

     He once found one of my keys for me that I had dropped in the laundry area and another time a lid to bottle of olive oil.

     Like I said - he is super smart!

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