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Dog of the Day
Today's Dog of the Day
Macy the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Macy
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female Breed: Dog
Home: Madison, Connecticut, USA
      I'd like to introduce you to my dog Macy. Macy is a mixed-breed fifteen-year-old member of our family. She may be part boxer, or American Bulldog, or both or neither, we do not know - or care. We adopted Macy from the city pound just days before she was scheduled to be removed. Macy welcomed home both me and my little sister when we were born and took care of us just like a big "sister" would. Macy is a wonderful dog who is flexible and patient with our busy lifestyle. Macy waits eagerly for us to return from school each day and greets us with her friendly "howl-hello' and wagging tail.

     I often find Macy cuddled up with my stuffed animals or on my pillows in my bedroom, she loves to be comfy and warm. On our snowy winter days, Macy loves to go sledding with us outside and even will ride in the sled sometimes. Macy is good at catching snowballs in her mouth when we throw them high in the air. I consider Macy to be my best friend and chose to nominate my buddy.

Macy the Dog, the Dog of the Day Macy the Dog, the Dog of the Day

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