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Corky the Toy Poodle, Beagle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Corky
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male Breed: Toy Poodle, Beagle mix
Home: Georgia, USA
   Corky has been with us since he was six weeks old. Before Corky's arrival, all the dogs we had owned were pets of our children. This dog was to help my husband and I fill in some of the gaps as the last child headed off for college. He quickly made his place in our hearts and now is the complete and utter master of this household. There are so many things about Corky that makes him so special. He is very smart and understands everything we say. Because of allergies, certain treats must be limited and we find ourselves having to use other words if we need to talk about favorite treats.

     Every evening my husband must play "the game" with Corky. A few of his favorite treats are hidden in very obvious places and Corky races to find them. Sometimes he gathers them all before staring to eat them and other times he gobbles as soon as he finds them. Then he always has to go back to each hiding place to see if they have somehow reappeared.

     Corky gives us as much love as we give him. We still miss the kids but Corky certainly helps fill the lonely gaps.

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