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Bentley the Pug, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bentley
Age: Adult old
Gender: Male Breed: Pug
Home: California, USA
   Bentley is my first Pug. A few years ago I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a tiny dog for myself and my two young daughters, I was thinking Chihuahua since we lived in a small apartment. A few days later an old middle school friend reached out and said that her mom's husband was making her mom get rid of her 1.5 year old pug. Regardless of training, he was too hyperactive and destructive. Her husband told her, "It's me or the dog." She was beside herself but decided to go with her husband (bad choice). She wanted her beloved Pug, Bentley, to go to a home where his high energy would be welcome. I reluctantly let her leave him for the weekend for a "trial" to see if it was a good fit. I remember when the Audi pulled up outside of my apartment. It was packed to the ceiling with pug stuff. Toys, beds, bowls, supplies and a kennel. He had a car seat and a leather studded collar. His bowl looked like a king's crown. He even had homemade dog perfume.

     She stayed for about an hour and we walked him and went over his training and daily schedule. It was like this was her child, I was sad for her. But I will never forget the look Bentley gave me when his first mom walked out of that door and drove away. He laid on the floor and I swear tears came from his big bugged out eyeballs. He spoke to me with his sad little soul and I knew he felt abandoned. I promised him, never again.

     SBentley did have high energy the first year or so. I would take him on 2-mile runs and he still had energy to spare. A walk around the block was not enough for this guy; so one day we started to explore the local canyons. I did not know I had access to such beautiful canyons in my neighborhood until Bentley and I went exploring. I credit him for getting me outdoors and falling in love with nature again. He has become my peace. He is my therapy dog, in so many ways. When I feel stressed out or overwhelmed, he finds a way to make physical contact and I can feel my heart slow down. He loves the kids, but him and I share a bond that I never knew could exist between an animal and a human. His name is Bentley still, but we started calling him "Pooh Bear" or "Pooh" because he is as sweet, funny, silly willy old piggy. When I look into his eyes, I know what he is saying. Sometimes he says "make me a steak, Wench" or "I have to use da baffroom, roight now!" but mostly it's just "lets cuddle Mumsy, I wuv you."

     SHe is aging and can't do long runs anymore, but he's still full of energy and love. Yoga is something I love to do but because my apartment is so small and Bentley encroaches on the mat and interrupts me, I was not practicing much. So a few months ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic started I began doing outdoor yoga in nature while letting Bentley sniff around. He still encroaches on the mat, because he does what he wants, but I learned to go with the flow and enjoy the distraction. I have learned so much from him. I started recording short stretch sessions in time-lapse so I could show my kids and boyfriend what Bentley does while I yoga. I cherish these little videos and put them into a youtube playlist called Pug Yoga, so that I can always remember these times with him. I feel more creative and introspective since I am getting out into nature with my best friend. I decided to start a blog based on the thoughts/conversation I have with myself while I am "talking" to Pooh. He is a blessing to me. I guess I technically saved him when he needed a home, but the truth is he saved me.

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