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Marlo the Labrador, Standard Poodle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Marlo
Age: Eight and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retriever, Standard Poodle mix
Home: Saxony, Germany
   Hi, this is Marlo. My dog Marlo is a Labradoodle, that's a mix of a Labrador and a Standard Poodle. He is eight and a half years old and he loves to run and jump.

     His favorite food is a juicier bone, but often he eats everything that he sees, for example the cake for my birthday. I think he's just on his blanket and sleeping most of the time, but actually he is a totally playful pup.

     I like him for the simple reason that he is really friendly and he would not bite us. He is my friend.

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