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Chuckie the Boxer, Pitbull Terrier,  Blue Heeler mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Chuckie
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female Breed: Boxer, Pitbull Terrier, Blue Heeler mix
Home: Springfield, Missouri, USA
   Chuckie is nine years old and she is half Boxer and the other half is pitbull and blue heeler. Chuckie is so smart, and she minds better than most kids. She knows that if we are still home after 8:00 am that it is a weekend, and then she hangs by the back door so that she doesn't miss a ride. When she was a ten-week-old pup, she was not very big and could stand under a dishwasher door that was open. She made a two-year-old Rottweiler stay away from the Rott's own food dish, in the Rott's own home, with just a growl. She's always been a force!

     She loves to go camping and boating. Her favorite place is on the front of the boat and she looks like a hood ornament on the boat. Her favorite food is blueberry muffins, and she is the first one in the kitchen when they are fresh out of the oven.

     One day she came into the living room and was looking frantically out the window, and we knew she was looking for our son, age 11 at the time. My husband said, "Chuckie, get down. Lane is back in his bedroom playing." Chuck immediately got down and went back in the bedroom and a few minutes later our son and Chuck came romping out of the bedroom.

     Chuckie has her own pillow and sleeps in our son's bed, who is now 18. She gets grumpy if she doesn't get to go to bed when she wants to (around 9:00 pm). She still loves to chase squirrels, but now days the squirrels taunt her because they know they can get across the yard before Chuckie can catch them. All our friends know Chuckie, and she has "the look", and when she looks at you with that pitiful doggie look, you know what she is thinking. She definitely has personality and is greatly loved!

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