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Pritzi the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day
Name: Pritzi
Age: Deceased
Gender: Female Breed: Pomeranian
Home: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
   Pritzi was the sweetest four-legged companion in the world. She loved to sleep with a chew stick or bone in her mouth (her pacifier) while lying with all four paws in the air (not real ladylike). Pritzi comforted me when I was not feeling well by sitting by my feet. She always becamehyper when I get home from work and pouted when I left each morning.

     She loved "treaters" and giving lots of kisses. And her favorite things in the world were licking Lubriderm from my skin, taking a walk, seeing her neighbor BJ, taking naps with me and "going" - whether for a walk, or a ride. My husband and I felt like she was our child - and an extremely spoiled one. She was - and always will be - deserving of honors.

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