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Bella the Poodle, Labrador mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bella
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Poodle, Labrador mix
Home: San Marcus, Texas, USA
      Bella Ann was born in 2017 in San Marcus, Texas. She is three quarters miniature poodle and 1/4 lab. The breeder used to use labradoodles as therapy dogs for a local hospital. Bella is our first mixed dog. Originally, I put a deposit on buying another purebred mini schnauzer from this breeder in Texas. My brother reminded me that a m.s. can be a challenging, stubborn breed. I emailed the breeder and said, I suffered a brain injury from a car accident in 1999. I just do not have the energy to raise another m.s.

     This breeder, Donna, knew a little about brain injuries. She also breeds mini schnauzers as well as labradoodles. She has used labradoodles as a therapy dogs at a local hospital. At this hospital, patients who had suffered brain injuries got to interact with the labradoodles. My mom drove down to San Marcus, Texas one Saturday to pick up the 3.5 pound little puppy.

     Bella has been only love since we got her! Her favorite game to play is ball! She is very smart and loves to play. She brings a ball and drops it at your feet. We even have to spell out the word, ball, if we are not playing with her. The part poodle in her makes me hop around on all four feet! She brings the ball back when it is thrown. Opposed to our mini schnauzers who did not return the ball, she was easy to train. She even has a bell hung from the backcdoor, at her level. She rings the bell to let us humans know that she needs to be go outside.

     She also knows the routine when it is time to take me to work at Walmart. We tell her, "time to take Sarah to work" . She gets on her pillow in the kitchen and she is given a little cookie as a reward.

     She is a very affectionate dog. We only had two prior male dogs, so my mom and I didn't know about females. She paws at you when she needs your attention. She plays the kibble game well of guessing which hand you have the kibble in. She also enjoys chasing after her kibbles when I throw them on the ground.

     She loves human foods, though she does not get fed from the table. She enjoys eating bananas and fresh green beans. When she is given a green bean, she gently takes it from you then she takes it over to her bed to investigate what it is. When she wants another bite, she motions her nose to where she'd like it placed at.

Bella the Poodle, Labrador mix, the Dog of the Day

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