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Sam and Chloe the Shih-Tzus, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sam, Chloe
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male, Female Breed: Shih-Tzus
Home: North Canton, Ohio, USA
      Let me introduce you to Sam and Chloe. They are Shih-Tzus that I adopted in 2011. I lost my other dog, Taffy, to cancer on June 9, 2011 at the age of 13.5 years. She was my world and I never thought I would want another pet. But I found myself not able to be at home without her; it just seemed so empty and sad. My cousin told me about two dogs that friends of hers had to give up because they were moving. They had given them to a rescue group and I called the group to try to adopt Milo and Maddox. The woman who ran the rescue group decided to keep Milo and Maddox for herself but told me about two young dogs that had been dumped in a local neighborhood. They were seen running around together for approximately three weeks before they turned up in a neighborhood resident's garage. I met the rescue group person at a local pet shop to meet the pups and the minute I sat down on the floor, they both crawled into my lap and gave me kisses. I told the woman that she should just follow me home because they were going home with me.

     When I took them to my vet for a check-up, they both still had puppy teeth; she guessed them to be about eight months old, which would make them around ten years old now. I couldn't believe that someone would just dump two puppies to fend for themselves. But I feel that my Taffy brought them to me. She knew they needed someone to love them and I needed someone to love. My house is once again a happy place to be.

     These two dogs have the best personalities. They are happy and love everyone, adults, children, other dogs. Some of their favorite things to munch on are baby carrots, broccoli, and green beans. They love to play with their toys and have a great time running around in the yard together. And they really enjoyed going to the Nursing Home to visit the residents before the pandemic hit, and are looking forward to being able to do so again.

Sam and Chloe the Shih-Tzus, the Dog of the Day Sam and Chloe the Shih-Tzus, the Dog of the Day

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