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Bundit the Bullmastiff, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bundit
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Bullmastiff
Home: Canada
      This is our boy Bundit. He may be huge, but he still thinks he's a puppy, even if his head is the size of a bushel basket! He has the world's best disposition. Some people are afraid of him, because of his size, maybe, or the fact that any mastiff breed is often seen as the 'bad guy' dog in tv or films, I do not know.

     He rarely barks, but when he does, you can feel it in the floorboards, so mighty a woof he has. He grew so fast as a pup, he almost walk off with that chair when he tried to walk under it and didn't fit any more. He was very confused, to say the least. He still thinks he should fit in our laps, even if his head fills a lap all by itself!But we adore him, and wouldn't be without him for the world.

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