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Mara Jade the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mara Jade
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pomeranian
Home: Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA
      Mara is special because she is a blue merle Pomeranian, which is a quite rare coloring for Poms. She is also really cute and so much fun! Her eyes are what attract the most attention, I included a close-up so you can see the variegation in her blue eys.

     She is our fourth Pomeranian. She is very cuddly and she loves to chew on anything she can find. We got her because my Mom had just received news that her beloved 15 -year-old Pom had cancer in her jaw. We got her because my mother needed this dog, and it was good we had her, because about a week later a different one of our Poms passed away; she was 14 and was around much longer than she was ever expected to be due to birth defects.

     Mara's presence definitely made going through all of these things easier because she's always up for a good cuddling! Since then she has been a cheished member of the family, and may be a bit spoiled - could you resist that face?

Mara Jade the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day

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