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Rascal the Shih Tzu and Matty the Maltese, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rascal, Matty
Age: Six years old, Two years old
Gender: Male, Female Breed: Shih-tzu, Maltese
Home: Kearnesyville, West Virginia, USA
      They are very loving and they just love Christmas. It's their favorite time of the year ┬ábecause they get lots of gifts and treats and everyone just loves them. They also love our Christmas tree and playing around and under it. Also Rascal loves to find his presents and open them - he is very smart. They both love to play hide and seek. just say go find her or go find him and they are off sniffing for whoever they were told to look for. Tt is so funny to watch them.

     They love to take walks and see other animals. They also love when they get to go to PetSmart or Petco to visit - we hardly ever leave there without toys and treats. Everyone in the stores just love them to death. Also Rascal has won Most Popular Pet at the Berkley County Animal Welfare, for Best Picture and a Penny a Vote. They said he had the most votes ever to that point. He is just a little ham. And they both love to ride in cars - just say "Going bye-byes" and they are off the to door. They love to ride anywhere, even if its just up the drive way. They have so many toys you would think we had 20 dogs, but we think of them as our kids. They are very spoiled and rotten but we love them and so does everyone else. So we all hope you love them, too.

     Merry Christmas from Rascal and Matty

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