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Polo the Pekinese, Poodle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Polo
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pekinese, Poodle mix
Home: Kenner, Louisiana, USA
      Polo is a male Peke-a-Poo - half Pekinese/half Poodle. I could go on for days telling you what makes Polo so special to me and my family. He is our sunshine in a rainstorm, our medicine when we are sick, our light in a dark room. No matter when we get home, he is always at the door with tennis ball in mouth, jumping up and down with his tail going a mile a minute. We never refer to him as our "dog" because he acts like a child. He has to be fed with a fork off of a plate (never a dog dish), he has outfits for all occasions (including a tuxedo and top hat he wore in my wedding), and even has his little suitcase for when he spends the night at his Grandma's house!

     His favorite pastime is playing with the tennis ball, although he enjoys swimming during the summer months. He weighs seven pounds and suffers from "little man's syndrome" (I'm a big tough Pit Bull in a Peke-a-Poo's body!). He always keeps us entertained and we look forward to many more memories with him. If only he could speak English ...

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