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Ethel the Russian Spaniel, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ethel
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Russian Spaniel
Home: Tennessee, USA
      Ethel is our Russian Spaniel. People guess that she's a short Springer Spaniel sometimes, or a tall Cocker Spaniel, or other spaniel types, not many people are familair with her breed. But once they meet her, they are won over, as she is friendly and wiggly!

     Don't let these photos - where she looks so calm and even sad - fool you. She is a crazy dog that loves to have fun and play. Her breed description says her breed is Amiable, Devoted, Good-natured, Reliable and Affectionate - and she fits all those adjectives perfectly! And her ears are so soft and silky and fly in the air when she runs and jumps. But I have never managed to get a photo of that. She is a beauty, inside and out, and we love her.

Ethel the Russian Spaniel, the Dog of the Day Ethel the Russian Spaniel, the Dog of the Day

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