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Smokey the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Smokey
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female Breed: Dog
Home: Negombo, Sri Lanka
      Our dog Smokey is a female, and we aren't quite sure of what mixture of breed she is because of the circumstances in which we got her - she was dropped outside our house in Tangier, Morocco one morning along with three of her sisters (we found homes for all of them). We chose to keep Smokey because she was the only one that we couldn't find a name for. We tried out various name options - Evita, Muffin, Froddo - but it wasn't until my father noticed her black facial markings that we came up with the name Smokey. She looks like she stuck her long nose up the tail pipe of a car!!

     Smokey can run like the wind - especially when she is in trouble - which, thankfully, isn't too often. She loves to go for runs in our large backyard, and she will sometimes stand for hours at the door with the ball in her mouth, waiting for us to take her out for a game of fetch.

     Smokey is a leaner. She loves to lean up against those that she loves, while they pat her head, or rub under her ears. She is also sensitive to the mood of her owners - never failing to plant big wet kisses on their cheeks at exactly the right moments.

     Our dog Smokey helps to remind us, day after day, of the unconditional love that exists between families all over the world - Smokey is definitely a part of our family.

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