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Smoki the Akita, the Dog of the Day
Name: Smoki Baby Jane
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Akita
Home: McClellanville, South Carolina, USA
      This picture is the most beautifully intelligent face you'll ever see. This is Smoki Baby Jane, our 100-pound Akita whom we purchased in Ohio. As we prepared to move to South Carolina, to a spot deep in the Francis Marion National Forest, my wife floored me by declaring she wanted a 'big' dog. We had Manchester Chihuahua (Murphy) and a mixed toy poodle (Sherri) that had been with us for almost 16 years. Both were small house dogs and my wife ahd always expressed her dislike for large pets.

     We bought Smoki in a pet shop in Cincinatti and she has far outperformed any expectations we may have had for her. We have always lavished her with love and, in return, she has become the most protective, loving, intelligent pet two people could ever hope to live with. She watches over Mary Jane and I and our three cats with an intensity and mothering care one might expect from on's parent, not a pet.

     We have never had a single disappointing moment with Smoki. Each morning, upon being let out of the house, she makes a careful circuit of our two acre clearing to sniff for unfamiliar odors. She has yet to relieve herself anywhere but in the forest which completely surrounds our place. She responds to every command as though she had attended the finest obedience training...which she has not.

     When my wife isn't feeling well, Smoki will not leave her side except to go out to the bathroom. Smoki Baby Jane is AKA registered and comes from a long line of champions. Akitas were supposedly bred to hunt bear in Japan and to babysit children. These two diverse aspects of Smoki's personality are evident as she will challange anything or anyone who trespasses on our property, and will also babysit our smaller grandchildren like some mother hen....not allowing them to stray into the forest or walk up the long lane to our place. She positions herself across the drive and will not let them pass. If they shove her out of the way, she sets up a howling alarm which brings us running. We have seven children and nine grandchildren, but Smoki is as prescious to us as any child.

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