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Sky the Australian Cattledog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sky
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female Breed: GAustralian Cattledog
Home: Luxembourg
      Hi, this is a picture of my pup Sky with her sister Josephine. This is their baby picture, before Josephine went to her new home. I bred both of them and kept Sky. Josephine now lives in Germany to become a future search and rescue dog. She works "hard" on becoming both a real cutie and a real help for people in need.

      Sky is more of a little devil in disguise, she works hard on destroying, oops sorry, "redecorating" the house and our garden, and love to tease, sorry again, "train" our barn cat. She shares her life with two humans, her mom and adoptive dad (ACDs), two horses, a Lowchen and her litter, and the aforementioned barn cat. She is still a "baby" of only seven months and the "real" life has so far not started to worry her.

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