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Perełka the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Perełka
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female Breed: Mixed Breed
Home: Poland
      My pet is special because she smiles like a human. She is old, but still has a lot of energy and behaves like a puppy. She is a very happy and fat dog! Together with my female Perełka - that means Pearl in English - we live in Poland. She's not a purebred dog, but I wouldn't trade her for any other animal. She is very social. She loves people, especially children. She has her own teddy bear that she often plays with.

     Pearl doesn't like running. She gets tired quickly because she is very fat. When we go for a walk, I have to get her a water bottle. When it comes to tricks, all he can do is shake hands and jump into a chair to get to the food. She sometimes pulls my trouser leg when she is hungry. As for food ... she's hungry all the time! It is like a bottomless well!

      She is different from other dogs in that she likes cats. She does not behave aggressively towards them, sometimes she even sleeps with them. She may not know tricks and is not special to other people, but I love her anyway.

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