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Barney the Shih-Tzu, the Dog of the Day
Name: Barney
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male Breed: Shih-Tzu
Home: Centennial, Colorado, USA
      This is Barney, my niece named him after Barney the purple dinosaur. I have had him since he was two years old, he is a great dog, but a character to say the least. He has "small dog syndrome" and thinks he is a vicious dog when he is on a leash and tries to attack any dog bigger than him. When we are at the dog park with out a leash he is fine - doesn't mess with anybody.

     He has a nine-year-old brother Marley (a cockapoo) which he follows everywhere and is his whole life. He tries to steal all of Marley's bones, which Marley lets him He has two cat brothers, Smokey and Kingston that he tries to torment everyday but the cats have realized that they are bigger than him! Barney loves to go on walks and to the dog park every Sunday where he seeks out all the mud puddles and rolls around in them and then acts even crazier when he has mud all over him. He loves his squeaky toys and greets me with one in his mouth every time I come home. He loves to ride in the car and has his own favorite spot. He is a wonderful dog and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Barney the Shih-Tzu, the Dog of the Day Barney the Shih-Tzu, the Dog of the Day

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