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Bugsy the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bugsy
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Male Breed: Chihuahua
Home: Arizona, USA
      My baby boy means the world to me and my wifm. He's 16 years old. I've had him since he was about eight weeks old. Unfortunately the clock has started and the countdown has begun. Two months ago he'd become noticeably frail and weak just from being old. He gets 24/7 attention and care for all his needs, pushed around in what I call a bugaboo cart. Even though he can't walk far I will push him so he still enjoys the scenery. We go up mountains, we go to parks, we go down community residential blocks every day. He just sits back and sniffs away enjoys every minute of it. I outfitted his bugaboo with lights little patches here and there it's definitely his second home, baby blankets and all.

     One day 16 years ago I was traveling through Mexico on vacation. I got a flat tire pulled into a tire shop and saw five mechanics who were supposed to be working, but instead they were drinking playing with this little thing. I picked my head at what they were looking at and my baby boy looked up at me with his great big eyes. The owner told me it belonged to his son but he needed money for food on the table. $50 he said. I couldn't resist, especially knowing how animals barely survive down there in Mexico I took him immediately and gave him love putting him in my sweatshirt and drove across the border crossing my fingers we made it back to Arizona a new life for me in a new life for him. I have never been so attached to anything or anyone in life. He's my home, he's my heart, I get out of bed just for him. I live in my life just for him, and now I struggle and realizing that I only have days left any day now it's going to be time.

     What makes him special is that he has been given a gift that I have never heard of or seen. He is attracted to just sick animals or sick humans. If you are dying of cancer whether you're a dog or a human, my baby Bugsy will comfort you. Plenty of stories that prove he has given a gift to comfort those in need. Recently I was at a gas station and I looked over and saw a Down Syndrome 25-year-old girl, and as soon as Bugsy looked over and saw her he literally tried to jump out of the car window. She then saw his reaction and she got so excited. I got out of the car walked up to her and asked if she would like to meet him, and they went crazy for each other. It was the weirdest thing, as he's usually very standoff to strangers. But like I said, he can tell that there's something wrong with humans or dogs he will comfort them. It was the most lovable sight I have ever seen.

     That just happened a couple weeks ago, but a couple days ago we met a poodle that could only walk on his two front legs and Bugsy started to follow him around the park even though he was having a hard day Himself because his legs are going out. He didn't care, any comfort he could give the poodle around the park, he wanted to do. I can go on and on I'm curious to know if anyone else has seen this, but for today he is the dog of the day. Please feel free to look at our Facebook profile, and at his photos - I picked out about 50.

Bugsy the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day

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