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Casey the Pug, Beagle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Casey
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pug, Beagle mix
Home: Greenville, North Carolina, USA
      This is my dog Casey - her full name is Casey Charity W. This dog has called my fiance "momma" twice. (REALLY!) She also loves to lick anything and everything including people, walls, cardboard boxes, etc. She is a wonderful friend too....

     I mentioned that she has the talent of saying "Mama" to my fiance. She has done that on at least two occasions. She hasn't learned how to say "daddy" yet though.

     Casey is about three years old, but her exact age is unkown. She was adopted from the local humane society here in March. She was left there the day before and we saw her and took her home the next.

     She was fairly overweight when we brough her home, but a lot of the size is also muscle and bone. She is built like a tank. She has lost a little weight since March and is still on a diet. The barrel shape of her body is the pug in her. She has the body and tail of a pug and her face is a weird combination of pug and beagle. Her face has a lot of wrinkles on it because of this combination which she uses to her advantage. She has the ability to make more expressions with her face than most humans. One of her main talents is using her face to tell us what she is probably thinking. She has a "what are you doing?" look, a puzzled look, a happy look, a dog-tired look, "excited to see you" look and many others. She seems to have a really good sense of humor.

     As far as talents go, besides the facial expressions and saying, "Mama," we are still figuring out what they are. She has many toys she likes to play with and one of the things she does is she will actually carry her toys and put them up sometimes after she is through playing with them. She plays fetch fairly well. She has a couple of old shirts that are knotted up that she loves to use for games of tug of war.

     One of Casey's other unusual talents is her abitility to go through grocery bags and find the stuff we got her. On two occasions, she has gone through grocery bags and pulled out toys that we had bought for her and started playing with them like she already knew they were hers. She also wakes me up really early in the morning each day to feed her and walk her before I get my day started. If I refuse to wake up and get going, she will keep licking me and pull my blankets off.

     The main reason I nominated her though is that she has a heart of gold. She may not be a wonder-dog or show dog, but she is full of love and is a great companion. She loves to give plenty of kisses and tries to be a lap dog even though she is a little big. I think she had a rough life before we got her and I hope that I can make her feel special.

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