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Ivori the Samoyed, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ivori
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Samoyed
Home: Moscow, Russia
      I've always had a dream of having a dog. I tried very hard to get my parents to buy one for me. And one day, on my sister's birthday, they pleased me with good news. They decided to get a dog, because we moved to a house from a flat. On that moment I knew a lot of information about different breeds and I was in love with these fluffy dogs. So my parents chose one small girl. When my dad and I went to the breeder, I was excited and very happy. Ivori was hilarious, she was running and barking a lot.

     Since that day, Ivori has been my best friend, she always supports me. Staying next to her can lift me up and make me cheerful, even on bad and hard days. She is always ready to play. I'm amazed with her being such optimistic and joyful doggy.

Ivori the Samoyed, the Dog of the Day Ivori the Samoyed, the Dog of the Day

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