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Bella the Jack Border Collie mix and Ram the Labrador, Husky mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bella, Ram
Age: Eleven, Two and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Border Collie mix, Labrador, Husky mix
Home: Ormond Beach, Florida, USA
      Bella is our black border collie mix. We do not know what she is mixed with, but that doesn't matter! She is 11 years old and starting to go grayish. This has not at all slowed her down, or diminished her herding breed energy. She may be compact, but she is quick!

      Ram is the younger of our two dogs. He is a lab/husky mix and is just two and a half years old. His coat has wonderful shades of brown and white with beautiful light brown/gold colored eyes.

      They both love to wear bandannas after their bath. It's like they know they are extra secial with them, and of course they must match! As they are our only children, we allow them to cuddle with us on the sofa every time we sit down to watch the tv. (Their favorite time of the day, besides eating, of course.) We love them both very much.

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