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Buddy the Belgian Malinois Shepherd, the Dog of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Belgian Malinois Shepherd
Home: Stockton, California, USA
      My beloved 12-year-old German Shepherd died of old age several years ago and then I became quite ill and required hospitalization. I planned on acquiring another Shepherd when I became well enough to care for him. I found a Shepherd at the local animal shelter but they discovered she had heart problems and could not release her for adoption. Just as I was leaving the shelter they received in another Shepherd and brought him over to me. He was a Belgian Malinois Shepherd. This beautiful 100 pound male saw me and came straight to me, rolled over on his back and asked to have his tummy rubbed. Since I am 87 yrs old, widowed, alone and still quite ill, I had decided to name my next dog "Buddy” because that was what he would be. I asked what this Shepherd's name was. They said "Buddy”. He was meant to be! I said I'll take him now. Little is known about Buddy's history except he has had many homes and was always returned to the shelter. The owners didn't know how to control him and he was an expert escape artist. He could jump a 7 foot fence. They all gave up and returned him to the shelter. Buddy and I bonded immediately. I took Buddy home and in the first month he escaped six times before I could make the backyard escape proof. My neighbors always found him and returned him home. Buddy finally decided he liked living with me after all and has never made any more efforts to escape. I think he decided he had finally found his home. I've had Buddy 1-1/2 years now and we have grown very close. He has decided his job was to take care of me. He watches over me and stays by my side 24 hours a day. If I don't feel well, he senses it and gets quite concerned. He is now a Certified Service Dog and he takes his job very seriously.

     I am still recovering my health but no longer bed-ridden. I am now learning to walk again. Buddy is always there to help care and assist me. I attend Sierra PACE Medical Center in Stockton 3-4 days a week. Buddy always goes with me. The staff, drivers, and patients love the big guy. He knows every one and socializes with all of them. The staff consider Buddy their dog. They use him as a Support Dog and he is good at it. When we enter the Pace facility we are met with a chorus of "Hi Buddy!”. Staff and patients swarm all over him. The center has adopted him as theirs. Buddy has never met a person, child, or animal that he does not like. I have had many dogs over the last 65 years but never one so smart, loving, and mellow as Buddy. You show him a command one time and he never forgets it.

     I feel blessed that Buddy came into my life when I needed him the most. I believe he saved my life and I think he thinks I saved his. I love Buddyboy. He is my family and best friend.

Buddy the Belgian Malinois Shepherd, the Dog of the Day Buddy the Belgian Malinois Shepherd, the Dog of the Day Buddy the Belgian Malinois Shepherd, the Dog of the Day Buddy the Belgian Malinois Shepherd, the Dog of the Day

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