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Benny the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day
Name: Benny
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retriever
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
      This is Benny, he says hello! Benny is a black Labrador Retriever and he is an accurate representation of his breed - cuddly, loving, affectionate, and playful. We adopted him late last year from a lab rescue center, and he just immediately fit into our family like a puzzle piece. Benny is just the sweetest little thing, he is a magnet for friends because he just makes friends anywhere and everywhere he goes. Whenever we go on walks and pass by someone else who stops to greet Benny, they will often ask if he is a puppy, because he looks very young still, and he is.

     Benny is a major licker, he loves to give kisses. He is also a hugger and will be all over you, giving all the endless love he has. When he is relaxed he will occasionally make grunting noises, similar to snoring. We call those his "happy noises." Benny is super obsessed with his toys. He had this one toy that resembled a duck that he annihilated to oblivion. We got him a new duck toy and he was all over that thing, and ripped out the squeaky part within a week of having it. Another cute thing he does is whenever we let him outside to do his business, he will come back to the door when he is ready to be let back in and he will lean up against the door window, putting his two front paws up. This is often accompanied with a tail wag. And don't get me started on when my mom and I do yoga - Benny loves to join in as well. Benny's cute personality and antics combined with his physical cuteness make him the best dog we could ever ask for, and we absolutely love him to pieces.

Benny the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day Benny the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day Benny the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day

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