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Bosco and Myah the English Bulldogs, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bosco, Myah
Age: Three years old, two years old
Gender: Male, Female Breed: English Bulldogs
Home: Independence, Kentucky, USA
      They are both English bulldogs. This picture was taken in the car on our way to Gatlinburg. Myah loves to look out the window when we get there, but all the cars, trucks, motorcycles scare Bosco so he sits away from window. At one point I looked back at them and saw this and just felt like Myah gave up her window to comfort Bosco.

      Bosco is our three year old English bulldog. He and his two-year-old girlfriend Myah live with us, their family, in Independence. One day Bosco was mad because Daddy was working on the kitchen and wasn't paying attention to him, so he tried to make off with the basket he was using. It was funny because Myah was trying to get him to behave by snapping at him, and making him stop, but to no avail. It is so interesting watching their relationship - they always keep us guessing!

      We love them both very much.

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