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Cody the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cody
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pomeranian
Home: Germany
      We got Cody almost five years ago after his previous owner died and her family didn't want to keep him. Since they trained him to not play, he doesn't like or understand playing to this day. No tug of war or fetch, he doesn't even like chewing toys. With lots of training we were able to teach him fetch, but he only does it for treats. We also taught him other tricks like sit, come, stay, play dead and high five, the last one being his favorite; sometimes when he wants a treat, he lifts up his paw, trying to initiate a high five himself.

     Cody is a very lazy dog though, he hates getting up in the morning, never wants to go for a walk (he literally hides under the couch when I tell him), and on walks he often drops himself onto the ground, refusing to go any further. And I know it's because he's is lazy, not tired, because the moment he sees a cat or a squirrel he will chase it down with no mercy (Not like he ever manages to catch one) And at home he can run all around the house being crazy. But he can be quite hilarious too. Sometimes, on walks, he will run up to strangers and demand to be pet, and bark annoyed when they dare to stop. He'll refuse to leave and try to follow them home, occasionally even inside their homes… He genuinely loves open house doors. In his mind, an open house door is a personal invitation for him to enter, but most neighbors know us by now and find it pretty funny. At home, he is constantly struggling to decide whether he's the intimidating protector of the family, sitting in the yard and scaring off any potential intruders, especially all the evil mail man, or the cute fluffy little puppy who is so delicate and weak and requires and deserves all the attention and treats and pets and care. As my brother and I have to go to school, he spends a lot of time with my dad in home office, where he mostly sleeps, but often also demands to sit on my dads lap- even during videocalls! He did the same to me during lockdown too. No matter his quirks, I love him to bits as he never fails to make us laugh. In my opinion, Cody is the greatest dog of all time!

Cody the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day
Cody the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day

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