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Lilo the Akita is the Dog of the Day
Name: Lilo
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female Breed: Akita
Home: Illinois, USA
   Lilo is the most amazing dog I've ever had. She is smart, proud, sweet, independent, and never seems to run out of energy - or fur for that matter! Lilo's a character. She loves to go on hikes, so whenever the car door is open, she just jumps right in, hoping we'll take her somewhere. If she thinks that I'm going for a walk, she grabs her leash and starts dancing around in circles. When we go sledding, she runs alongside the sled down the hill. Whenever I come home, she runs to the door and jumps on me and howls.

     Akitas were originally hunting dogs in Japan, so we were warned about having small animals in the house with Lilo, but when I got my kitten, Amy, Lilo just ignored her. Amy, then just eight weeks old, loved Lilo and always wanted to snuggle with her and play with her, but Lilo just walked away. After a while, though, Lilo began to warm up to the little fuzzball. I even caught them snuggling together a few times. But she isn't only a teddy bear, though. She is still a hunter like her ancestors, and I have unfortunately found a few dead birds and a skunk in my backyard. She even tried to catch a deer when we were on a hike once!

     Akitas are also very catlike dogs, and Lilo seems to go out of her way to keep her fur neat and clean. She avoids mud and hates water. We took her on a boat in Arkansas once, and she would not get out of the boat and into the lake. When we finally pushed her out, she swam straight to shore and glared at us while she shook the water from her fur. And in case you are wondering, though it may not look it here, I brush her all the time, but she never stops shedding! It's like I could make another dog with all of her fur!

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