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Georgia, the Dog of the Day
Name: Georgia
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Newfoundland Dog
Home: Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
   Newfoundland Dogs are water rescue dogs known around the world for their courage, strength and above all else their gentle nature. Our Georgia epitomizes the Newfoundland dog: she is super strong but extremely gentle. They are possibly the most gentle and loving dog breed there is. They are exceptional with Little children and will put themselves in harm's way to protect the helpless. She is like a 120-pound (54 kg) Butterfly.

    Yes, our Gerogia is, despite her size, as gentle as a butterfly. She doesn't know any tricks, we raised her "Off Leash" so she could truly be herself. Being a Newfoundlander she obeys very well: it's in their nature to be submissive to an owner, and that she is. She adores children, she can easily be trusted to babysit a child of any age. As for independent, she definitely is not, she's what I would call a "Daddy's Girl." She follows me around as if attached to my hip, she sleeps on the floor next to my side of the bed, and while she's a meet and greet type of dog, she gets completely beside herself when I come home from work.

    She recently had her first litter consisting of four puppies, three boys and a girl. A litter of four is considered to be quite small for a Dam's first litter, but the upside is that, the smaller the litter the healthier the puppies ... and that holds true in this case, the puppies are excellent examples of the breed. She is a good mom, but Newfoundland dogs tend to be rough. Puppies often get stepped on, sat on and kicked around a bit, but all that being said, she's very attentive and keeps a close eye on her babies. She is our first Newf, and she was a surprise for my wife, who at the time wasn't a big fan of dogs. It wasn't long before Georgia had melted my wife's heart.

    I was born and Raised in a Newfoundland and had always wanted a Newfoundlander. I moved from the east coast to Cornwall, Ontario 25 years ago, and never really had the opportunity to get a Newf til now. We are now registered breeders, and are glad to be able to share this beautiful breed with others.

Georgia, the Dog of the Day

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