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Rocket the Australian Cattle Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rocket
Age: Fourteen weeks old
Gender: Female Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Home: Ventura, California, USA
   Rocket has many qualities, but some of the things she does best is watch closely to learn new things.

     Rocket isn't my first puppy, I've grew up with dogs (Labradors, Corgis, Cocker Spaniel, and Mixed breeds). She's my first Australian Cattle Dog though, she can be a bit of a challenge because she tries to outsmart her Humans.

     I like the herding dog breed traits, which is something I missed about having a Corgi, so I waited about 10 years to ensure I had time to train a puppy. I checked into other herding dog breeds and realized this dog has the mixture of a Corgi (fox ears) and Labrador (body type), but she's also a medium sized dog. It also fits into the lifestyle (camping, hiking, swimming, etc).

     Rocket is only 14 weeks old now, but at the moment she's witty, mischievous, smart, and she wants so badly to please her humans - she learns tricks sooner than any other dog I've had. Here's her personality from ages 8 to 10 weeks old can be seen in her Introduction video (shows where she came from and the things she loves doing). She loves going for car rides, playing frisbee, doing unboxing videos, and playing fetch.

     Right now Rocket knows the basics (sit, stay, laydown, leave it, drop it, come, retrieve) but she's also knows handshake and touch. Here's a video of her learning touch.

     She's an Australian Cattle Dog (also known as Blue Heeler) so Rocket wants to be near you or your feet at all times, unless she's being mischievous (often happens when she's bored and needs exercise). She needs at least an hour and half of exercise lately. Australian Cattle Dogs require 3+ hours of exercise a day, so I've noticed she's needing more and more exercise every passing week!

      She has an Instagram page, too.

Rocket the Australian Cattle Dog, the Dog of the Day Rocket the Australian Cattle Dog, the Dog of the Day

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