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Kringle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Kringle
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male Breed: Brindle Dachshund
Home: Bellevue, Nebraska, USA
   Kringle is very special to me because he was a Christmas Gift from my husband nine years ago. Raising him since puppyhood, teaching him tricks and commands, and spoiling him has been fun. He has different barks to let us know what's going on with him. Kringle is a great protector. He loves to go on walks, and go for car rides. He goes shopping at pet stores and loves to meet everyone he sees.

    Kringle is funny - he loves to chase squirrels up the tree then just sit there under the tree waiting for them to come down. He never tries to hurt them, funny enough, it's more of a game to him. His most favorite thing to do is play ball he has over twenty tennis balls, and knows if even one is missing. Kringle is simply a wonderful dog.

Kringle, the Dog of the Day
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Kringle, the Dog of the Day
Kringle, the Dog of the Day

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