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Wolfie the Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese mix, the Dogs of the Day
Name: Wolfie
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese mix
Home: The Netherlands
   This is my boy Wolfie, and he is almost three years old. He is a unique boy, he is half Jack Russell Terrier and half Maltese. The terrier genes certainly take the forefront, but he has that long kind of ruff - like a lion's mane, or even a fabulous feather boa - that's just how his fur grows! Wolfie is energetic and loves going on walks and especially loves hikes in the forest. He is also photogenic, as you can see. He seems to know when the camera is pointed his way, and poses like a pro.

     He is such a fun dog - he may get himself in trouble sometimes, but that's just his terrier side showing through. He can jump much higher than you might expect, and is great both at climbing and digging too. He is just the best boy, and I love him!

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