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Murphy, the Dog of the Day
Name: Murphy
Age: Deceased, Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Boxer
Home: Greenville, North Carolina, USA
   Murphy was such a special boy. Shortly after he turned seven he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Two and a half months later he went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was just starting to get a few grey hairs on his muzzle. My heart is not only broken, but crushed.

    He was our second Boxer. The great nephew of our first Boxer who lived until he was eleven. He was extremely smart and curious about everything. Always at our side following us around afraid he was going to miss something. I always said that he wanted to know what I was doing, why I was doing it and what he could do to help. That's a typical Boxer!

    He is missed so much! My house is not the same without him. I told him that I knew he would send me another Boxer baby to love when the time was right and oddly enough after doing my homework and making some phone calls I was lead to a lady who had just bred her female with a champion. I soon found out that her female was Murphy's half sister! I could not believe it! Who would have thought? So Murphy was at work already sending me a new baby. I am first on her list for a male puppy due in April.

    It is so unfortunate that dogs don't live as long as they should. Their unconditional love is the best love that anyone could ever experience.

    Thank you Murphy for giving me that love and letting me share it with another Boxer. You will never be replaced, but I will expand my heart and be happy to honor you by being a good mom to another Boxer.

Murphy, the Dog of the Day
Murphy, the Dog of the Day

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