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Yukon Jack the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day
Name: Yukon Jack
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: Siberian Husky
Home: Sparta, New Jersey, USA
   Hi, my name is Yukon Jack and I love to run, play, kiss and snuggle. Most of the times I think I'm the size of a Chihuahua because of my two brothers, Dewars and Guinness, but in the end I know my strength and play gentle with them. In the wild the little guys would be food for me, but they are my brothers and I know the difference. I love to howl and tell my parents I love them, "Whoo whooo whoooo (I love you)."

     I love to be outside no matter what the weather is like. Winter is my favorite time of year because I love the cold and I enjoy playing in the snow. Catching snowflakes on my tongue is very exciting for me. I do get in trouble sometimes by chewing and getting into things I'm not supposed to, but my parents are very forgiving and they love me always.

     My favorite time of the day is when my parents get home from work because I get to have a treat and go for a walk. I love my walks at the end of the day. I like to sniff new things and discover new places. My mommy always takes me on new hiking trails with her. My daddy always tells me I'm a Chip Off the Old Block.

Yukon Jack the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day

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