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Gunner the Shiloh Shepherd, the Dog of the Day
Name: Gunner
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Shiloh Shepherd
Home: Erin, Ontario, Canada
   Gunner is our giant male Black and Silver Shiloh Shepherd. Towering over 31" inches Gunner is not only a wonderful show dog, he's truly man's best friend. Content wherever he is, so long as it's beside my wife Caroline or myself, Gunner is just a teddy big bear.

     Hopping into ourbed on a cold winter's night to help give some extra heat, spending hours outside playingin the snow (of his own choosing!), chewing a bone under a shady tree, or watching his Shiloh Shepherd sisters (Maggy & Lola) run and play are just a few of his passions.

     The neighborhood children (Georgia age four, Joey six, Max six, and Lucas three) love to come by daily and visit our fur kids. Georgia loves them so much that she actually gives the dogs stuff toys from her bedroom collection! Sadly, Gunner makes quick work of them and before you know it Georgia's back with a new stuffed bear/monkey/pig for the fur kids to enjoy.

     It was during Georgia's recent visit the other day that she and brother Joey suggested that we send off Gunner's photo to be Dog of the Day.

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