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Xena the Boston Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Xena
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Boston Terrier
Home: New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA
      This is Ken's Warrior Princess, or Xena. She is a 4 year old Boston terrier we recently adopted in September 2020 after our two elderly Bostons passed away in 2/20 and 8/20. We purchased Xena from Ken Roux, a well known dog show judge and Boston terrier breeder, whose has shown many of his Bostons at Westminster. Xena's son is a champion that was shown at Westminster.

     Xena is a beautiful gentle lady inside and out. She loves to eat, play with her stuffed animals, and sleep in the sun, on the heat register, in front of the fireplace, or on any available lap. She never barks and is a bit on the timid side. She loves all people and other dogs, although she is little leery at first when encountering new dogs. She enjoys visits from the neighbor girls and trying to catch squirrels in our fenced in back yard. Needless to say, they escape every time.

     Xena is cold given her short fur and our cold and snowy Wisconsin winter weather, but has various fleece tops to protect her. She wears them all winter long.

     Xena is a real sweetheart and we are very glad we were able to add her to our family!

Xena the Boston Terrier, the Dog of the Day Xena the Boston Terrier, the Dog of the Day Xena the Boston Terrier, the Dog of the Day

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