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Max, the Dog of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Home: Bellingham, Washington, USA
   We adopted our sweet boy Max on December 12. We don't know his actual birthday, so we made it the day he joined our family and his forever home. Max was rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles by a group called Big and Small Rescue based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Max is still learning his name and is a gentle and loving boy.

    He loves being close to his family and enjoys playing with his toys, especially his purple duck. He can shake a paw and is getting better at sitting when he is asked to. He loves soft treat s but is not really fond of hard biscuits. He has a funny habit of dropping mouthfuls of his food all over the house rather than eating at his bowl. Max loves to snuggle and does funny things like walking between our legs when we are walking. He has brought great joy to our family and we are sure to have many more happy memories to come.

Max, the Dog of the Day
Max, the Dog of the Day

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