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Bruno the Whippet, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bruno
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: Whippet
Home: West Wittering, England, UK
   When I moved with Bruno to the south coast of England from Venice, California, I wondered how he would cope with all the change. Bruno has adapted with his usual grace and style, and a year and a half later, he is the happiest, speediest dog on West Wittering Beach.

     First thing in the morning, Bruno comes in to the bedroom hoping for some duvet time, burrowing under the covers for a nap before even going outside for a wee. If he hasn’t moved by 10:30am, we have to insist that he wakes up, but after a few stretches and yawns, Bruno always looks like he has forgiven us (especially because he just goes back to sleep in his comfy basket in the lounge...)

     Out on the beach, however, Bruno is all about action. He loves ball games (despite being a terrible retriever), even when we accidentally send the tennis ball into the sea and he has to get his little dainty toes wet. Bruno is an adept ’piggy in the middle’ and when he needs a rest, he comes into dock between our knees so we can give him a quick backrub. He is at his most sociable self with other whippets, as he tends to show off a bit (at full speed) around little barky dogs and slower dogs that try to catch up to him.

     We love to talk about Bruno. Sometimes, when he is looking particularly handsome in his wooly coat, we call him "Stylish Dog." When he is grumpy, we call him "Vengeful Dog." When he is lively, he is "Running Dog." And as the Brits love a bit of irony, we must admit that overall, no matter his mood or his manners, he is our most favorite "Horrible Dog," surprising us all the time with his lovely nature and gentle spirit.

Bruno the Whippet, the Dog of the Day Bruno the Whippet, the Dog of the Day Bruno the Whippet, the Dog of the Day Bruno the Whippet, the Dog of the Day

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