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Zeke, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zeke
Age: One year old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador, Border Collie
Home: Wellington, New Zealand
   Zeke is a very special dog. He's very energetic and loving, and he falls asleep in the strangest positions! He seems to make anywhere look comfortable, he loves other animals, especially his favorite cat Claus, and his big brother Jett (black Lab).

    Zeke's such a fun puppy he loves cuddles and has a cheeky side to him but is very well trained, hes happiest with a toy in his mouth and is very bouncy!! He loves car rides and swimming but hates baths, zeke has brutal tail so if he's happy just hope your not behind him cause it is like a whip! He loves other animals but is scared of plastic bags.

    Once I was throwing balls in the backyard for him and Jett, he was so excited that he ran into the washing line! He shook it off, but has given us plenty to laugh at and love!!!

Zeke, the Dog of the Day
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Zeke, the Dog of the Day
Zeke, the Dog of the Day
Zeke, the Dog of the Day
Zeke, the Dog of the Day

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