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Casper, the Dog of the Day
Name: Casper
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: Dog
Home: New Brunswick, Canada
   Casper is my friendly ghost. We met early in the morning at the local shelter, where he was abandoned in an outside kennel the previous night. Casper, around a year old, was found to be a very friendly, easygoing, overgrown puppy.

    My family brought him home to foster a couple weeks later, when the shelter was overfilled with dogs. It did not take long for us all to fall in love with him and we adopted him. Two years later, Casper is part of the family.

    We can only guess at Casper's breeding and what sort of life he had before coming to the shelter. My guess is someone got him as a cute little puppy but did not want the responsibility of him as time passed and he grew. Way too many dogs that come to the shelter are just over grown puppies that have not been taught anything and are unwanted because of their size or their behaviour problems.

    Living on a small hobby farm, he enjoys chasing the goats back to the barn and running around the fields and woodlots. Casper and I also like to explore new places. We have been hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, etc. Our favourite places to explore are the old railroad beds, and a local waterfall.

    In the house Casper is either flopped on a dog bed, basking in a sun beam, running around with a toy in his mouth trying to play with us or the other dogs, helping wash dirty dishes as they go into the dishwasher, or sleeping in bed with me.

    His past is a mystery, but my family feels very lucky that he came into our lives and he is now a happy farm dog.

   Casper, "The Friendly Bunny", and Cadbury, "The Great Bunny", wish you all a Happy Easter.

Casper, the Dog of the Day
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Casper, the Dog of the Day
Casper, the Dog of the Day
Casper, the Dog of the Day
Casper, the Dog of the Day
Casper, the Dog of the Day
Casper, the Dog of the Day

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