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Angel the Maltese, the Dog of the Day
Name: Angel
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Maltese
Home: Hazel Green, Alabama, USA
   Hi, my name is Angel wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm the newest member to join a rather large senior dog family. Mom promised herself “no more dogs”. She even “un liked” the Animal Service and Humane Society pages on Facebook so she wouldn't see any pictures of adoptable dogs. However, Mom has a friend named Erin, who posts on Facebook. Erin fosters pups for Friends of Rescue. She posted my picture after I got groomed saying I was ready to be adopted. Mom fell in love. The fact that I'm a senior sealed the deal.

     Erin brought me to Mom's home a few days later. I met my new brothers and sisters. They are all used to dogs joining the family, so it didn't bother them.

     This is a fun place to be. The best part is the fenced in yard. Mom just opens the door and we all go out and run around. Indoors is good, too. There is always food and water in the dishes, we eat when we are hungry. The furniture has covers, so it's OK to hop up on the couch and love seat. We sleep in the bed or on dog beds and pillows. All the floors are vinyl, if we have an "accident," it's no big deal.

     Mom is a senior herself, and retired. This means she is home most of the time to take care of us. Every night, before bedtime, she gives each one of us a little treat. We try to wait our turn. I think this is the perfect place to spend my golden years. I'm so grateful to Erin for fostering me for two months until she found my forever home. I wish all dogs would be so lucky.

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