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Jack, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retriever
Home: Camarillo, California, USA
   We adopted Jack three years ago after he'd been in a shelter for over a year. He was overweight and over-wrought but we quickly got him on a regular exercise routine. He was the inspiration for our business, an iPhone app and website dedicate to promoting healthy nutrition and fitness for your pets.

    Well Jack is the inspiration for our Blog, so we write about him and his sister Maggie all the time. Jack is a pretty typical yellow Lab, big, lovable and fun-loving. He's a senior, so he's not big on playtime or fetch, but he loves to run and takes his exercise pretty serious. He was pretty troubled when we adopted him - overweight and on Prozac, too, but now he's a big love and follows me around. Jack's favorite thing to do is whatever we are doing.

    The vest he is wearing is a FitVest from DogTread. It's designed for dogs and can be weighted to add a challenge as your dog's health improves. It helps build strength and improve their overall fitness. He's been off the Prozac after about three weeks with us - we started weaning him off on day one! Good food, lots of exercise and mental challenges took the edge off right away.

    He gets along fine with our other dog Maggie - she is also a rescue. She was a puppy mill breeder mom and is/was extremely fearful. She looks up to her big brother Jack and he has helped her adjust. Neither of them were big swimmers - we took them on a vacation this year to Big Bear Lake and we finally got them in the water - Maggie loved it, Jack, not so much. I think they both came from a background that didn't really give them opportunities to be playful or be a retriever, so they are still learning some of that natural dogness.

   We all love Jack very much!

Jack, the Dog of the Day

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