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July 3, 2004

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Spirit, the Dog of the Day
Name: Spirit
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Home: Shamong, New Jersey, USA
   Spirit was born exactly three months after our beloved Cocker Noah crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We had no intention of getting another dog after Noah passed, but when we met this little guy, it was love at first sight! His dynamic personality makes him the darling of the neighborhood where we live. His passion for acorns and mulch is like no other and his speedy runs around the yard and the house are amazing to watch!

    Spirit loves people and he loves Puppy School. He loves belly rubs, Greenies, treats and his toys. He is a bright-eyed wonder who has done so much to ease the pain of losing our twelve year old Noah. Noah's registered name was Jean's Little Noah. Spirit's registered name is Noah's Little Spirit ...a name that suits him perfectly!

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