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Sam, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sam
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Male Breed: Cattle Dog, Beagle mix
Home: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
   Sam is most likely a Cattle Dog, Beagle, et al. mix. He is sweet, gentle, and smart; and a wonderful member of our family. We found him at the local animal shelter where he was brought in as a stray puppy with a broken leg.

    Sam is a survivor. He has survived a life-threatening infection, puncture wounds from a bird of prey, and knee replacement surgery. Sam's passion is eating, but he loves to be rubbed. He will lie down and roll to the side to give you easy access to his chest and stomach.

    Sam is slowing down. He is seventeen+ years old, and although his eyesight and hearing are failing, he remains sweet and gentle, and his sense of smell remains world-class. Sam sleeps more now and gave up retrieving his Kong a year ago, but he looks forward to his brisk daily walks in the neighborhood. He has been our family's Dog of the Day for seventeen years.

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