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Desmond, the Dog of the Day
Name: Desmond
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: Husky mix
Home: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
   Mr. Desmond rescued us one and a half years ago just after we lost our sweet husky, Sam. Mom had been looking at dogs online through different rescue organizations, but Dad was still not sure if he was ready. Dad happened to be looking over Mom's shoulder when a picture of a scared little guy with one brown eye and one blue eye behind a chain link kennel caught his eye.

    We immediately contacted the rescue organization to find out more about him. His amazing foster mom, Leni, through Friends of Burley Shelter Animals (FOBSA) rescue organization began telling us what little was known about this handsome gentleman. Desmond had been found wandering in a small town in Idaho and a kind person took him into a shelter. When no one claimed him after his stray hold, FOBSA swooped in to rescue him. We were struck by how similar his rescue story was to Sam's and we decided we had to meet him! The only problem was, he was so far away from us. Dad just happened to be traveling to Idaho for work a few days later and contacted Leni to see about a meet and greet. That is when we discovered that Desmond was living only one mile away from where Dad was working! When we heard this, we had a feeling he was our boy. When Dad arrived to meet him, Desmond ran up to him, leaned against him and stole his heart. That sealed the deal.

    Desmond has brought such joy to our lives. He loves to snuggle and cuddle and is incredibly obedient, especially considering he's a husky. He learned his basic commands in no time at all and can even shake with both paws. He had never met kitties before and, while it was an adjustment, he has accepted his tabby brother, Jack, and sister, Millie, as part of the pack. We love that Desmond likes being active just as much as he likes a good nap or two. He enjoys hiking, playing fetch with tennis balls (especially squeaky balls), stuffed animals, Mom's homemade treats and playing tug. He loves anything that squeaks, locating the squeaker in the stuffing and promptly destroying it, only to be sad and confused that it doesn't squeak anymore. Desmond recently got a new husky brother, Marco. He was reluctant to share his Mom and Dad at first, but quickly decided that two goofy huskies are better than one! Mr. Desmond is equal parts sweet, smart, cuddly and goofy and we can't imagine our family without him!

Desmond, the Dog of the Day
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Desmond, the Dog of the Day
Desmond, the Dog of the Day
Desmond, the Dog of the Day
Desmond, the Dog of the Day
Desmond, the Dog of the Day
Desmond, the Dog of the Day

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