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Latte, the Dog of the Day
Name: Latte
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Great Pyrenees
Home: Monroe Township, New Jersey, USA
   Latte is a large, beautiful white dog. She turns the head of everyone we pass when I walk her. Her large feet, blindingly silvery-white coat, long, soft fur and majestic appearance all grab attention. Latte's name makes everyone who hears it laugh. She is an amazingly tolerant dog, considering what my three-year-old brother does to her. She is naturally very friendly, yet exceedingly protective of her family and house. She behaves quite well, except on a few occasions. Walks are among her favorite things. She is very playful. When Latte was still a puppy, she loved to chew on the spines of books, of which we had plenty. She knew how to pull them off the shelves, and how to pull them off pieces of furniture.

    The first time we left her alone in her 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) kennel, she dug her way out and spent the rest of the time in the large yard. We moved her kennel to the garage (which had a cement floor) and left her there. Imagine our surprise when we came home one day to find that she had ripped up the bottom of the chain link kennel and crawled through an opening less than half her size. She got under the house and chewed some fiber-glass insulation. Now she can lift the latch on her kennel door and just walk out. It didn't take her long to learn. She's too smart for her own good! She also loved chewing crayons and balls of yarn.

    I once decided that if I ever wrote a book about her, I would begin it with these words: "As we drove home, my heart swelled with pride every time I looked at my dog, the most adorable creature born on earth, the most well behaved dog ever (or so I thought). I had no idea what I was in for." Latte loves to sleep on my bed, and for me to pet her. She and I are very attached. If I spend even a night with my grandparents or friends, both of us start worrying about the other. My parents say that she doesn't want to eat or go outside when I'm gone. She is the most beautiful dog alive.

    Latte is the perfect dog. No one has a better dog. When she was getting spayed (I didn't like it, but it had to happen so we could move), I was literally sick all day, and couldn't wait to get her back. Her main (and easily overlooked) fault at the moment (indeed, her only one) is that she barks a great deal. She will just lie outside and bark, even when no one is around. Her breed is very rare. I have only met ten people in two years who recognized her breed, and only three who owns/owned one. She is just a great dog. I wish everyone could see her. Then they would all agree that I am right. We love each other so much that no one who sees us together can avoid noticing it. She is the best dog in the world!!! I simply cannot emphasize this enough.

Latte, the Dog of the Day
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Latte, the Dog of the Day
Latte, the Dog of the Day

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