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Dixie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Dixie
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Kelpie, German Shepherd mix
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   Dixie is one of a kind to me. She's my very best friend and lifeline, and everyone that meets her just immediately falls in love with her wide, bright eyes and smile. Yes, she smiles!

    She's very friendly, loves other dogs and humans alike, and is very sweet and gentle with children. She adores cuddling up on the bed or couch for hours snoozing, and enjoys grooming so much she almost falls over from how relaxed she gets. But being a kelpie, she has bundles of energy. She could run for hours playing with and chasing other dogs. She especially loves chasing the tennis ball! Luckily we have a park three minutes down the road that I take her to every day so she can chase down that ball!

    Dixie is also incredibly intelligent and has learned to sit, lay down, spin around, wave, shake, stay, and will be learning many more! She picks up things so easily with clicker training and is very enthusiastic about trying to please you. I don't think there's anything I couldn't teach her!

    Her favourite thing in the world to do is walk! I take her on daily hikes around my little country town, in the bush and through many, many walking tracks. She stays off lead and comes running to my side the second I call her back. She's so amazing that people often comment in wonder at how obedient she is!

    I have owned, many, many dogs but I know I will never own another like my girl Dixie. She's very special.

Dixie, the Dog of the Day
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Dixie, the Dog of the Day
Dixie, the Dog of the Day
Dixie, the Dog of the Day

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