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Muffin the Shih Tzu Muffin
Shih Tzu
Virginia, USA
December 01, 2015

Hunter the Labrador Retriever/Hound mix Hunter
Labrador Retriever/Hound mix
Maine, USA
December 02, 2015

Juno the Husky mix Juno
Husky mix
Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA
December 03, 2015

Ollie the Miniature Dachshund Ollie
Miniature Dachshund
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
December 04, 2015

Roc the Dalmatian/Australian Shepherd mix Roc
Dalmatian/Australian Shepherd mix
Illinois, USA
December 05, 2015

Tommy the Pomeranian, Terrier cross Tommy
Pomeranian, Terrier cross
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
December 06, 2015

Baxter the Golden Retriever, Poodle mix Baxter
Golden Retriever, Poodle mix
Macomb, Michigan, USA
December 07, 2015

Pessi the Finnish Spitz/Lapphund Pessi
Finnish Spitz/Lapphund
December 08, 2015

Cookie the Pitbull/Labrador mix Cookie
Pitbull/Labrador mix
Texas, USA
December 09, 2015

Maggie the Border Collie/Staffordshire Terrier Maggie
Border Collie/Staffordshire Terrier
Liverpool, England, UK
December 10, 2015

Dottie the Labrador Retriever mix Dottie
Labrador Retriever mix
Austin, Texas, USA
December 11, 2015

Odie the Great Pyrenees Odie
Great Pyrenees
Florida, USA
December 12, 2015

Bella the Shar Pei mix Bella
Shar Pei mix
Perth, Australia
December 13, 2015

Maggie the Golden/Labrador Retriever mix Maggie
Golden/Labrador Retriever mix
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
December 14, 2015

Buddy the Miniature Pinscher Buddy
Miniature Pinscher
Pennsylvania, USA
December 15, 2015

Chi Chi the Chihuahua Chi Chi
Pennsylvania, USA
December 16, 2015

Ollie the Shih Tzu Ollie
Shih Tzu
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
December 17, 2015

Astronomer-Heen the Maltese/Poodle mix Astro
Maltese/Poodle mix
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
December 18, 2015

Lily the Golden Retriever/Beagle Lily
Golden Retriever/Beagle
Newport News, Virginia, USA
December 19, 2015

Queen Lizzy the Rottweiler/Labrador Mix Queen Lizzy
Rottweiler/Labrador Mix
Butte, Montana, USA
December 20, 2015

Bogie the Labrador/Coyote mix Bogie
Labrador/Coyote mix
Gilbert, Arizona, USA
December 21, 2015

CoCo the Lhaso Apso /Poodle Mix CoCo
Lhaso Apso/Poodle Mix
Euless, Texas, USA
December 22, 2015

Sarge the Siberian Husky Sarge
Siberian Husky
Pennsylvania, USA
December 23, 2015

Sugar Cookie the Border Collie mix Sugar Cookie
Border Collie mix
Pacheco, California, USA
December 24, 2015

Raoul the Dachshund Raoul
Sherbrooke, Ontario, Canada
December 25, 2015

Baker the Beagle Baker
Georgia, USA
December 26, 2015

Ashen the Rottweiler mix Ashen
Rottweiler mix
England, UK
December 27, 2015

Macey the Border Collie/Staffordshire Bull Terrier Macey
Border Collie/Staffordshire Bull Terrier
United Kingdom
December 28, 2015

Orion the Labrador mix Orion
Labrador mix
Cary, North Carolina, USA
December 29, 2015

Cowboy the German Shorthair Pointer Cowboy
German Shorthair Pointer
Bismarck, North Dakota, USA
December 30, 2015

Poncho the Chihuahua Poncho
Sondrio, Italy
December 31, 2015

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