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Ringo the Pug/Boxer, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ringo
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pug/Boxer
Home: Denver, Colorado, USA
   Ringo is the best dog in the whole world. His loving personality is great and he likes playing with other dogs. He likes people petting him and attention. He is a fast runner, even if he does not look like he would be. Ringo makes everyone smile and he makes most people laugh.

     Ringo was a stray that found me. I had just put down my best friend Rex (the best Boston Terrier ever ) and I was devastated. Ringo is the most friendly dog that everyone wants to pet, he is super affectionate. Ringo thinks he is a cat since often he lays on my car dash. He also thinks he is a shark, after his bath time. He feels we need to be chased since he feels a bath is not necessary. He does think our bed is his and sometimes I really think he is a person. One of his favorite past times is to play dress up. Halloween is definately his favorite holiday. Ringo is one in a million that deserves dog of the year since he makes everyone smile with his charm and affection.

Ringo the Pug/Boxer, the Dog of the Day

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