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Zoe the Pug, Pitbull mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zoe
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pug, Pitbull mix
Home: Florida, USA
   This baby girl of mine has a tragic yet amazing story. She apparently walked all the way from Miami to Orlando! That is roughly 250 mile distance! It was so sad to hear her story and she was only around a year or so. Zoe is terrified of cars, bikes, motorcycles, and especially men. The vets have said she most likely came from an abusive lifestyle and may have been hit and emotionally unstable due to her walk.

     Now she is one of the happiest dogs I know, Zoe inspires me on a daily basis because of how she changed so much since she has been with us. She now loves cuddles and walks. She doesn't really like other dogs but we have been through about three or four dogs with her and they always instantly become best friends. One day we rescued two kittens and we had another female dog there. They both took care and treated them like their own (especially when one of them had kittens). But she brings joy and happiness in all our lives and is honestly the best dog I could ask for, and is especially a best friend. I don't know who couldn't love her.

Zoe the Pug, Pitbull mix, the Dog of the Day

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