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Ella the German Shepherd, Boxer mix the Dog of the Day
Name: Ella
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: German Shepherd/Boxer mix
Home: Berlin, Germany
   This is my dog Ella. Ella is very energetic, she likes to run and play with her friends. Ella is friendly all the time. By the way, she likes swimming very much.

     The first time we met her was in spring last year. As we had a dog already (Jack, a Yorkie) we didn't think of buying a second dog. But it wasn't us who chose Ella as a new member of our family, it was her who chose us as her new family! She was eight weeks old when my father saw found her. He works as a farrier. One day he had to shoe horses on a farm. Some baby dogs were playing around there. One of them was Ella. Again and again she jumped into dad's car, just for fun. My brother took a photo and showed it at home. Then we decided to visit her again. So we went to the farm together and found an adorable and charming baby dog. No question: We wanted to take her home.

     Now, nine months later, she's the queen of our house. She likes to tease Jack and to occupy his basket. When she was a puppy, they both fit, but not now! Every time she does, Jack (poor little Jack!) runs away squeaking. Ella's best friend is Carlo, our neighbour's dog. She loves romping with him. Every time she gets outside she looks for him first. We are very happy to have her with us.

Ella the German Shepherd, Boxer mix the Dog of the Day =

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