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Kit Kat the Corgi, the Dog of the Day
Name: Kit Kat
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Corgi
Home: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA
   We wanted another non-shedding dog to go with my poodle, Piper, and Corgis shed a lot, so obviously a Corgi wasn't on our list. But then Kit Kat came into our life: a corgi. She was found by a friend: no collar and no tags. We decided to try her out, while simultaneously trying to find the owner. We have gone through various attempts to locate the owner, just in case she was much loved by someone, but so far we have had no response whatsoever.

     Since she came in our lives, Kit Kat has become part of the family. She was so scared when she first came: we had to coax her so much to get her into the house. She has since settled in, and now Kit Kat is like my shadow: she follows me everywhere. Even when I go upstairs to get a drink, and she knows I'm coming back, she'll climb the stairs and lay down right at the top of the stairs. If I am sitting on the floor, she likes to lay across my feet.

     She has a deviated septum, which I refer to as a "crooked jaw," but I find that to be one of her endearing qualities: it gives her personality. It also causes her to breathe like Darth Vader, but she is happy so I don't mind. To me, she seems to be forever smiling. She loves to chase squirrels, and if an object gets in her way, she leaps over it. She soon returns: tail wagging and tongue hanging out. If I could describe her, I would say: tired, but happy.

     If only Kit Kat knew how special she was. We tell our pets all of the time, but I still don't think they know. They just continually chose to love us unselfishly.

Kit Kat the Corgi, the Dog of the Day Kit Kat the Corgi, the Dog of the Day Kit Kat the Corgi, the Dog of the Day Kit Kat the Corgi, the Dog of the Day

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